Petition to US Government: Apologize for “Accusing Muslim Protesters in the Death of Amb. Stevens”


May 10, 2013 by Brother Isa

10th May, 2013

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Majority of the 1.8 Billion Muslims worldwide are peace-loving, hard working, wonderful citizens of their various nations. Though as with any other population, tensions occasionally flair and youth protest and riot, such protests do not translate into Muslims being wanton murderers. Most deaths reported by the media during Muslim protests are deaths by brutal anti-descendent governments in such countries who shoot and kill the protesters, or stampede deaths. They are actually protester deaths, which are made to look as though protesting Muslims are murderers on the prow. But the truth was never worse presented and distorted than the recent incident where the death of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, which was blamed on Muslim protests over a youtube hate-video, are now being found to have never been related to protests and were actually orchestrated by liberated and empowered terrorists in Libya. Findings thus far at the US senate hearing indicate that the so-called protests in Libya that were reported by the US government to have killed Ambassador Stevens, simply never happened.

( May 8, 2013 – Benghazi whistleblower Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission in Libya, said he was “stunned” to hear Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice go on national television and blame the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on a Youtube video, during testimony before Congress on Wednesday.

“I was stunned. My jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed,” Hicks told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) during a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

The impact of this false accusation on Muslims worldwide and the consequent impact on peace, cooperation and tolerance between the good faiths of the world has clearly and demonstrably been disastrous by such fabrication if proven to be completely true. In this regard, Muslims deserve a clear, unreserved, unambiguous apology from the United States for being accused of murderousity. Evidence suggest that minor protests in Egypt were inflamed to support this fabrication and advertised to create a global spread to support the accusation of ordinary Muslims in the ambassadors death. Such dishonest behavior frustrates our efforts and takes those of us engaged in a full time “Jihad” against fringe radical violent elements, decades backward. People actually asked Muslims, “did you really kill our ambassador because of a Youtube video?”

This petition requests the United States put out a clear public statement that: “Protesting Muslims did not kill Ambassador Stevens. The death of Ambassador Stevens was a result of a prior planned and orchestrated terror plot by fringe radical elements in post Gaddafi Libya. We offer our unreserved apologies to the good Muslims of the world for all damages caused.”

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  • Snowyflake

    Hello, with all due respect to your faith and religion but what are Muslims doing to prevent and stop the radicalisation of their young people. It appears to non-Muslims that not much is being and if it is, your voice is not being heard. I have never seen or heard a Muslim imam or cleric or preacher or even citizen denounce any Islamist terror attack. Where are you? If you want to prove that yours is a religion of peace you have to let the rest of the world know. So far, the minority of nutters are being heard over the majority of peace-loving Muslims.

    • doctor007

      We are trying. This platform is one such effort.

      • ‘Lola

        Thank you Dr. 007! Can Snowflake also now answer/assist on why “the democratic World” gives tacit support to the on-going terrorization of Muslims in Egypt? He should also comment on the “democratic logic” of his world accepting and guiding the transmutation of the military chief turned-presidential aspirant after coordinating Military coup against President Morsi whose election victory was clearer than that possibly any one that Nigeria has ever conducted? Snowflke should pls enlighten us on the civilization of freedom that has suddenly turned elected President Morsi into an accuse being terrorized by Coup plotters? Snowflake should comment on the sanity and humanism in Iraqi genocide with manifest lies of looking for WMD?
        War against AGGRESSIONS & TERRORS is a Jihaad incumbent upon Muslims long before the founding of League of Nations and UN. And Muslims will continue to partner with all sincere efforts towards eradication of TERRISMS of all colours, magnitudes and in all CORNERS! We are Muslims and Snowflakes should identify himself and work on these questions with open response too!

  • Amina

    keep up this amazing work! These articles are very well written

  • WiseOne

    Blah blah blah…Muslims need to have a few cocktails, uncover your women, stop praying so often and chill…eat, drink and be merry today for tomorrow we may die…every Muslim I know is wound so tight because Islam makes them feel guilty for having fun. All that suppression is unhealthy, which makes one angry and then can lead to violent tendencies. And that goes for all dogmatic religions, not just Islam…although Islam puts the most restrictions on fun. Any dogmatic religion especially Islam needs a healthy dose of Jimmy Buffet. If we were all as chill as he is the world would be a better place. Cheers!

  • Tales of a Librarian

    I have a question and didn’t know where to post it on this website (new here). I am American, non-Muslim but fell in love with Islam while studying it in college. I want my community members to see the beauty that I see in Islam but they are so sheltered.. unfamiliar with this community.. they only know of how the media portrays it. I don’t begin to make myself an expert by any means and would like to know more myself. Could anyone recommend any sources that could help? Blogs, video channels, newspapers, news radios (preferably available with an English option.. my Arabic is just basic yet.) I’m sorry its late here, I can’t think of much to saw otherwise. I would greatly appreciate any response. Best wishes.

  • MommaYvonne

    This is a all well and good but I’m not seeing much participation from Muslims on here.