N240 Million Bounty On Boko Haram


November 27, 2012 by Brother Isa


N240 Million Bounty: Boko Haram Leader, Members Declared Wanted

November 24th, 2012

NewsRescue– The Joint Task Force security apparatus of the Nigerian government has declared wanted the Boko Haram terrorist sect which operates out of the North Eastern extremes of Nigeria and neighboring Chad, Niger and possibly Cameroon.

The sects radical leader, who goes under the name, Abubakar Shekau and is known for his Youtube proportional rant videos, has a bounty of N50 million put on his head, while other wanted members earn their hunters 10 million. Totally 19 top members of the cult have been listed as wanted.

The JTF in its statement said:

They are wanted in connection with terrorist activities particularly in the northeast zone of Nigeria that led to the killings, bombings and assassination of some civilians, religious leaders, traditional rulers, businessmen, politicians, civil servants and security personnel amongst others,” the statement said. … They are also wanted for arson and destruction of properties worth millions of naira.

Boko Haram has increasingly been linked with politics and politicians in Nigeria, especially of the ruling PDP political party.

Earlier in August we posted an effort by an Anti terror Muslim group in Nigeria, MuslimsAgainstTerror, who first listed Abubakar Shekau wanted and placed a $10,000 ( N1,590,000) and up bounty on the leaders head.

Boko Haram and its founders are increasingly finding themselves unpopular and under public and national security attack.

Read more: http://newsrescue.com/n240-million-bounty-boko-haram-leader-members-declared-wanted/#ixzz2DPEZemih

We applaud the Nigerian government for finally taking note of these things they must do.

We know that some brothers may be scared and distrustful of going to the security apparatus. Please contact us as intermediaries. Wallahi, we will do our bidding, passing the information to the security services asap and relaying the reward to you so your identity remains 100% secure, known only to us, while ensuring that you truly get your earthly reward for a blessed action.

No one can kill the light of Islam.

Brother Musa and Isa