Messages of support from MuslimAg to Nigeria’s JTF [Joint Task Force]


June 22, 2013 by Brother Isa

21 June 2013

Messages sent to Army Information Abuja (0818155888, 08160030300) and JTF (08154429346, 08085464012) on 12/06/2013 by 04:28:08am.

Peace be upon you
We the wish to thank you for the fight so far on “Anti-Islam”, ‘Boko Haram’ in Nigeria.
We supported the “Operation Total Wipe Out”, the Islamic Cultists, suicide bombers, terrorists in Nigeria. We pray for peace, love, freedom and security to return to the north and entire Nigeria (Ameen).
We invite you to our site.; from Nigeria to the world! We denounce terror.
Amadi (Jnr) JP, MPA, NMS.