God answered our prayers, the Pope’s prayers for Syria peace


September 10, 2013 by Brother Isa

10th September 2013

To the world, we the Muslims Against Terror implore you keep up the prayers for peace to be given a chance, not just in Syria, but all over the world.

We felicitate on this sliver of hope for peace as the world super powers come to their senses. There is always a peaceful solution for those who honestly desire it. The arrogant, the aggressors will be humbled.

We send our greetings and regards to Pope Francis and thank him for commandeering the prayer session this Saturday. We prayed with him. Millions around the world prayed and fasted and keep praying and fasting for peace.

In his words, may the Good Lord cower those who are willing to go to any deadly degree in thirst and obeisance to “the idols of dominion and power.”

We call on the sponsors of all sides of this ugly conflict to FEAR GOD! To FEAR THEIR CREATOR! There has been too much death. There has been too much blood, too much hurt.

120,000 people thus far and the world goes about its everyday business, not even caring, and making politics of this inhumane situation.

Those who used chemical weapons and those who bomb, mutilate by guns, not for peace and truth and God, but for evil. They will certainly meet their painful doom as is Gods promise. And He does not falter.

“And hold fast to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves.” Quran 3:103

Those who wish to keep this war going on. They will meet theirs.

We Muslims Against Terror implore all to keep up with the prayers and good works.

Please set up charities to collect donations for the Syrian people. There are over 2 million refugees already! This is one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history.

Lebanon is overstretched. 1 in four in Lebanon right now is a Syrian refugee. We must help all our brothers in Lebanon and pray for them.

What we can do, we will do, and what we can not do, we will pray that Allah(S) the Majestic, does. Insha Allah.

Oh world. Cry for peace!


Issa Ibrahim





  • Suzanne

    Thank you for your action ..

    We are with you heart through prayer.

    Peace and love of God is our flag. Regardless of denomination.